8 Proactive ways to use TeamHaven Mobile

4 May 2022 | news
With the challenges and limited resources that managing mobile workers can come with, finding ways to streamline supervision whilst still maintaining high standards is key. 

Therefore, the TeamHaven Mobile app was designed not only to collect data, but to do the heavy lifting for Managers so that they can focus on project creation and execution. These features can also be used to demonstrate to departments and clients the processes in place to quality check field operations.
To ensure that all field staff adopt these benefits only allow visits to be completed using the TeamHaven Mobile app.
Here are 8 benefits of TeamHaven Mobile you can start taking advantage of today.

Accurate start, save and duration times

Instead of field staff self-declaring when a job started, ended and how long it lasted for, TeamHaven Mobile can auto-populate this information so you can be assured that the actual start, date first saved, and duration are accurate. These times show in the call list and are used for payroll, reporting, and call compliance.
Internet time capture:
For TeamHaven Mobile to work offline, the time is calculated using the last successful synchronisation. In rare cases it may not be possible to generate a time and so will use the time set on the device. However, as the date and time can be adjusted by the field staff in the device settings it may not be correct.
Ensure the app always records the correct date and time using the setting Enforce internet-based time capture. In these situations, if the app cannot calculate the date/ time using the last synchronisation it will request access to the internet to verify.

Capture photos during the visit

Only allow field staff to take photos in real-time, so it is not possible to upload images that may have been taken before or after the visits was started or completed.
By default, field staff can upload photos taken from their camera or attach a photo from the photo gallery on their device.
To ensure that all photos are taken during the activity using the setting 
Prevent users accessing picture gallery.

GPS time stamps

See how far away from the target address activities are started and be notified of unusual activity.
Check-ins to generate GPS time stamps to see when and how far away from the target address visits are completed.

In addition to this, receive an email notification if a visit is completed beyond a set distance from the target address using the Call Compliance Report.
See the distances using the 
Call List or Call Compliance Report:

Call List – Adjust the column options in the Call List to show “Distance from target”. To do this, go to Call List, select Columns in the top right-hand corner, tick Distance from target and Save.
Call Complianc Report – Set KPIs for different objectives, such as how long a visit should take, and be notified if field staff require assistance and do not meet the target. Watch this 3-minute video to see how to set up the Call Compliance report.

Start visit at correct location

Guarantee visits are completed on-site instead of from other locations. Only allow field staff to start the questionnaire if they are within a set radius from the target address using Check-in distance. For this setting to be applied Check ins must first be enabled.

Set individual distances:

Keep an eye on visits completed by certain field staff – Set individual check-in distances for certain visits using Distance Agreed.

Use this feature on its own or in conjunction with 
Check-in distance to set larger distance perimeters for locations that are incorrectly plotted on maps, due to it being part of a larger site, such as a shopping centre, or containing inaccurate address details.

See how much time field staff spend completing each form

Use Form Duration to see how long it takes to complete sections of the questionnaire. This can be used to:
  • Set and measure objectives as to how long a form should take to complete.
  • Identify if a form is taking too long to complete and should be modified.
  • Conduct syndicated visits with multiple clients. 

Calculate totals and percentages on TeamHaven Mobile

Help field staff measure objectives and action improvements whilst still on-site using Calculations.
Improve products’ in-store performance by helping field staff measure objectives such as:
  • Share of shelf
  • Stock levels
  • Product availability
  • Store sell ins
Set goals and use calculations on TeamHaven Mobile to allow field staff to analyse what is happening in-store and action any improvements at the same time.

To find out how TeamHaven can empower your field force or for more information on these features contact us:
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