Keeping TeamHaven secure with renewed ISO certification

1 February 2022 | news

TeamHaven continues its commitment to maintaining security measures, and as part of this, is examined yearly by the British Assessment Bureau. We are pleased to announce that following a full evaluation TeamHaven has once again been awarded a renewal of both its ISO 27001 Information Security Management and ISO 9001 Quality Management certifications.

TeamHaven is deployed in over 72 countries and maintains the highest security standards. TeamHaven’s clients can be assured that our continuation in obtaining the British Assessment Bureau’s certifications is an example of our commitment to ensuring our methods as a data processor meet best practices.

Security is within our design

As well as ensuring data processing methods meet high-security standards, TeamHaven’s internal tools have been built with data security and privacy in mind.

User Roles:

Each profile within TeamHaven is assigned a User Role that changes that persons access rights and capabilities within the account.

TeamHaven has 5 roles: Admin, Project Manager, Coordinator, Collector and Client, each one designed for the different stakeholders who may need different access to different information within campaigns. 

User and Target Locks:

As an added layer of security, User and Target locks can be used to restrict access so that Managers only see certain people and activities.

This method is particularly useful in larger teams and Managers are overseeing sub-sections.

Audit Log:

See who and what actions have been taken within your account.

The Audit Log shows if certain actions have been taken, when and who made the change.

If you would like any further information on TeamHaven’s security procedures please see our Privacy and Data Security page or email

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