New to TeamHaven Mobile!

22 May 2024 | updates, news

Share tailored information using hyperlinks, create custom ways to filter visits and select your preferred navigation app.

Here’s what’s new:

Share Tailored Information Using Hyperlinks:

Revolutionise the way you share information with your team. 

Share links to BI reports, store stats, sales data, CAD designs, planograms, training materials and many more – all accessible in one place.

Dynamically customise the links field staff see by each person, location, and what is being completed. To do this, add hyperlinks to usertargetitems, and Call attributes.

Create Custom Call Filters:

Would you like your team to organise Calls by store priority, client, activity type or any other criteria that suit your workflow?

Create unique filters directly within the app for seamless grouping and management of Calls on the go.

Use Visible to Collector Call attributes on the Call Schema page to create tailored filter options on TeamHaven Mobile.

Choose a Preferred Navigation App for Directions:

Select from a range of navigation apps to seamlessly integrate with TeamHaven Mobile, such as Waze and CityMapper.

Simply make sure that your preferred navigation app is installed on your device, then go to the TeamHaven Mobile settings to set it as the default.

Let us know if you prefer a different navigation app, and we’ll strive to include it in our supported list!

To find out how TeamHaven can empower your field force or for more information on this feature contact us:

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